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Jingle for the Cure

I participated in my very first “ornament” swap, “Jingle for the Cure“! This was by far the most difficult task I have gotten myself into for some time. Pink is not a problem, but design an ornament . . . how talented am I? My first thought was I will sew. I actually went on… Continue Reading

Romance, Angels and the Pianist . . .

I came across this litho a few years back at (where else?) an estate sale. The setting and wardrobe of the pianist appears to be of the Victorian era. Angels are rising to heaven in a muted background. The scene for some reason reminds me of Paul de Longpré (1855-1911) who by far my favorite… Continue Reading

As I look back ~

Petunias & Verbena ~ 2nd life in Summer 2008 The original diagnosis was apparently miscommunicated and/or misunderstood as today we learned Mother has “NON-SMALL CELL” carcinoma. This type of cancer is operable and the survival rate after surgery is high. It will be “LETHAL” and extremely painful without the surgery. There will be pain with… Continue Reading

Romance is vintage stemware . . .

Vintage stemware is hard to find in “perfect” condition. Usually you the stemware found has small chips in the rim and needless to say is not something you want to serve your favorite beverage in to your guests. So what do you do when you do find the “lot” is perfect but an incomplete?  Use your imagination… Continue Reading