We are excited to announce we will officially re-open Cottage Heirlooms March 15th, 2011. Please check back for updates as we prepare the “official” reopening! Thanks soooo very much to Jill Serraro of Rose Cottage Chic, who did an absolutely gorgeous webdesign for us. Absolutely beautiful ! Remember the date MARCH 15th 2011 ~ Continue Reading


The last several weeks we have FINALLY moved into our new home. A courtyard home (aka condo) ~ my new cottage! I have really depended on Mr. B a great deal and he has really really been patient with my “to do” list. The list seems to be growing daily and the unpacked boxes seem… Continue Reading

treas•ure (trzhr) n.

1. Accumulated or stored wealth in the form of, money, jewels other values.2. Valuable or precious possessions of any kind.3. One considered especially precious or valuable. I have always been drawn to vintage treasures (and antiques). Anything old, anything with a past. I search garasge sales, flea markets, estate / tag sales and antique shops.… Continue Reading

My Coton De Tulear

Introducing “Maggie May” ~ my “Coton De Tulear“ and special companion! Almost three years ago, ironically about this time of year, I was at the bookstore looking for a magazine, the aisle for Romantic Homes, Southern Lady, Tea Time and every other fav was busy so I turned to the shelves behind me. There was… Continue Reading